Whok Turne
Galactic Alliance Chief of State







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181 ABY - 235 ABY



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GA Chief of State



Whok Turne was a charismatic leader on Iridonia and a well respected senator. Though his term as Galactic Alliance Chief of State was short lived, the Senate honored their fallen comrade with a statue that still stands before the Galactic Senate stairs.

History Edit

Whok Turne was born on Iridonia to an upper class family with a long lineage in politics. Taking up his father's mantle, Whok eventually became a senator for Iridonia. His charisma and political activism enjoyed strong support from his homeworld and many of his colleagues. Working with other senators, Whok was able to pass over a dozen bills of legislation varying from droid rights to better safety of the galaxy's hyperlanes. The respect he earned from his colleagues eventually earned him a nomination as Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance. His victory in the election was a landslide. Indeed the whole galaxy was looking to the new Chief of State for a new era of hope and prosperity. But not everyone was endeared to the new Chief of State. Black Sun wanted Whok Turne dead. They formed a rebel cell under the name of 'The Avengers' and in 235 ABY the rebel cell assassinated the Chief of State. Afterwards the a conflict insued that became known as the Trials of Iridonia.

Legacy Edit

Whok Turne passed unprecedent legislation that expanded droid rights as well as other regulations that helped secure the galaxy's hyperlanes. His legacy was ultimately honored with a statue of his likeness placed at the foot of the Galactic Senate steps on Coruscant.

Personality and Traits Edit

Whok Turne was a compassionate and intelligent individual who had a knack for speeches. Unlike many politicians, he wrote every speech he ever gave and insisted on speaking his mind. His bottomless his charisma earned him a large following of support as both a senator and Chief of State.

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