Characters Edit

  • Daush E'clet
  • Mazel Serq
  • Tsavong Lah
  • Ixtren Wallonis

Location Edit

Yuuzhan Vong Worldship Sunulok, Inner Rim

Summary Edit

E'clet reflects on the past. The victory over Bilgringi and the loss of the worldship and the Jedi. The defeat at Kamino. His failure to kill Serq. Swallowing his pride, he meets his masters to accept his fate. Tsavong Lah demoted E'clet from High Priest to simply Priest.

Meanwhile Serq uses a cloak of the Nuun to sneak toward E'clet outside the council chambers. Seeing E'clet come out, Serq tried to ambush him but was seen. E'clet ran Serq through with an amphistaff. Unwilling to die, Serq charged forward, cutting E'clet with a coufee. The two of them grappled on the floor until Tsavong Lah came out and broke up the fight. Serq was sent to the healers.

Tsavong speaks with E'clet, telling him he will have them both take command of the attack on Hapes, and the subsequent attack on Kashyyyk. He reveals that he knows the Republic will try to defend Kashyyyk.

Later E'clet visits Serq. He goes to make peace. Serq accepts on the condition that the Priest sacrifice his ear to honor those warriors who died on Kamino. E'clet complies. Then an attendant appears with a villip transmitting a message from Ixtren. Ixtren reveals the locations of the Jedi and the existence of a Yuuzhan Vong Jedi. Serq orders Ixtren to join them at Hapes for the attack.

Leads to Illegal Counter-Measures.