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Admiral Tourville and Moff Young returned to Bastion for an after action debrief. Imperial Command took Tourville's fleet away, though not as punishment, but simply a policy decision. Pavel met with the Moff Council and discussed future Imperial involvement in the war. It was decided that Moff Young, the hero of Kashyyyk and Kuat, should be given a ship and allowed to probe enemy lines as an active reconnaissance.

While on Bastion, Tourville took the time to look for the criminal who wronged Mercedes years ago. After careful research, he found that Captain Summervale was the culprit, Moff Young's commanding officer. Tourville set up a trap for Summervale at a dinner. The Captain fell right into it. When confronted, he threatened to shoot himself, but failed. Tourville arrests him.

Pavel learned of the news and was infuriated. He made plans to kill Summervale to insure no sensitive information was leaked out and also started looking for a replacement. Eventually he found Captain Walker, an outstanding veteran and officer of high respect. Pavel promised him action, and Walker agreed to take the spot. Together they planed on a raid into Concord Dawn.