The Whipid Civil War


300 ABY




Severe losses among the enslaved Whipids.

  • D'Siel

Whipid Combatants:

  • D'Siel

Zann Consortium Combatants:

  • Vagor Thryce



The Whipid Civil War was a brief conflict on the planet Toola between the Zann Consortium and the Whipids.

Origins Edit

With the destruction of Black Sun 25 years earlier, the Zann Consortium became the most powerful crime syndicate in the galaxy. Their base of operations was moved to the frozen world of Toola in 299 ABY after they were discovered on Klatooine by the Galactic Alliance. The Whipids were none to happy with the takeover, especially when their leader, J'Nihl, struck a deal with the Consortium and allowed them to take over the entire planet.

History Edit

Whipid Jedi Master D'Siel discovered the Consortium's takeover in 300 ABY and believed that there was no time to rally the Galactic Alliance forces, for the Whipids were dying out due to the Consortium's enslavement of the planet. Thus D'Siel infiltrated Toola and acted as a slave in order to get close to the Constortium's leader, Vagor Thryce, and end their hold on the Whipids. After breaking into the headquarters of the Zann Consortium, D'Siel was able to expose J'Nih's death to the Whipid population and announce on the HoloNet the Consortium's takeover.

Unfortunately D'Siel was killed by the Consortium after his location was pinpointed within their headquarters. However his death triggered a massive rebellion among the Whipid slaves, and they were able to force the Zann Consortium off the planet by brute strength. After several weeks of fierce fighting, Vagor Thryce and the Consortium fled the planet.

Aftermath Edit

Vagor Thryce took the Zann Consortium into hiding in order to evade retaliation by the Galactic Alliance. Meanwhile the Jedi Order honored D'Siel on Kashyyyk at the Jedi Temple. He became a hero to his people on Toola and a symbol of the Jedi's ultimate sacrifice to ensure the safety of those in need.

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