The Kaminoan Uprising


200 ABY - 202 ABY


Galactic Alliance


Heavy casualties among the Kaminoans.

GA Combatants:

  • Jedi Knight Class Vein

Kaminoan Combatants:

  • Unknown



The Kaminoan Uprising, also referred to as the Second Clone War, was a brutal conflict that lasted for two savage years. However its outcome helped bring peace to the troubled rogue Jedi Class Vein.

Origins Edit

Kaminoan Prime Minister Nal Sen came to power in 180 ABY. He developed a wild scheme to build an army of clones from the blood of a Jedi. During The Hutt War the Kaminoans captured rogue Jedi Knight Class Vein. They forcefully took his blood sample and immediately used it to begin the creation of their clone army.

History Edit

By 200 ABY the Kaminoan clone army was completed and they unleashed it on the Galactic Alliance. Numerous worlds fell to the clone onslaught. Meanwhile Class Vein managed to escape from his captors and went to the Jedi for help. Reluctantly the Jedi formed a task force led by Vein in order to infiltrate and destroy the Kaminoan clonning facilities. The team was successful and managed to capture Nal Sen as well. For the next two years the GA slowly but surely eliminated the clones until all of them were defeated.

Aftermath Edit

After the defeat of the last clone legion, Class Vein once again withdrew from the Order and settled down on the peaceful world of Caamas, no longer a Jedi or a Dark Sider.

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