The Hutt Fleet began as a simple rag-tag force of old picket ships that were used by the Hutt clans to patrol Hutt Space. Now they are a full fledged armada divided into three tactical fleets.


In the begginning, the Hutt clans relied on volunteer ships in times of self-defense. The only vessels they kept full time were an assortment of armed freighters and yachts. From time to time they were used for pirate or smuggling activities, but for the most part scattered patrols of Hutt Space. However, when Saul joined the Hutt fleet he poured his money and influence into the group and turned it into a real combat force. He purchased real ships-of-the-line to fill out their ranks. He trained the crews like a real military organization. Over the years they saw combat and growth. Shipwrights were founded in order to produce ships for the fleet, all finance by Saul. He used the fleet to secure Hutt Space and to assist in planetary conflicts that were usually ignored. His efforts in putting down rebellions and eliminating pirates made him a local saviour among the worlds of Hutt Space.

Eventually Saul built a three part tactical armada divided into fleets. The Hutt council, seeking to curb Saul's power, put a Hutt Admiral in command of each fleet, giving them all equal command. This became the triumverate, a tri-party command of the Hutt Fleet. Saul took the insult in stride and bided his time. Eventually he plotted the overthrow of the triumverate and regained control of the entire fleet. He also took control of the Hutt clans and Hutt Space.

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