Characters Edit

  • Revan Onasi

Location Edit

Nar Shaddaa

Summary Edit

Three days after leaving Dantooine, Revan arrives on Nar Shaddaa. Revan tries to get information on the Yuuzhan Vong but is attacked by some ruffians. Easily taking care of them, Revan forcing them to divulge what they know. The man reveals a name, Corax, and a location, the Jekk'Jekk Tarr. When Revan gets to the bar, he finds that Corax is the bartender. Unwilling to divulge what he knows, Revan starts a brawl and grabs the bartender. Corax reveals that his boss, a Hutt, was running slaves and the last ship was overdue, probably ambushed by Yuuzhan Vong. Corax then gave Revan the coordinates of the ship's last position. Revan then returns to the spaceport and leaves to go investigate.

Leads to Fork In The Road.