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  • Kyp Durron
  • Mazul Serq
  • Neesh Shodu
  • Sarik'a'falimus

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Kyp's Dozen went to Kubindi to protect the planet from the Vong. The Yuuzhan Vong had begun circling the planet when the Dozen arrived. Vong interdictors were preventing the evacuees from escaping in mass. Several corridors of ships were formed in order to try and break through the Vong blockade. Corral skippers cut the ships to pieces.

Immediately Kyp and his dozen go into action. They first concentrated on one corridor, taking out several coral skippers. Slowly they were making their presence felt.

Then Serq received orders that he was to withdraw and head for Ziost for an emergency rescue. Lieutenant Mujmai Iinan would be taking over the attack on Kubindi. Iinan brought only a token force of coral skippers, while Serq had to pull all his fighters out. In the end, the Vong come out under handed and the Jedi were able to use this to their advantage to help as many evacuees escape as possible. Neesh blew up a Peace Brigade freighter. Sarik watched and concerned himself only with killing refugees. He did not let the presence of the Jedi bother him.