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  • Kara Adhar
  • Eron Nightwind

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Kara and Tristan arrived on Ylesia and headed for a bar. There they run into a little bit of trouble with a fellow patron. Swords and blasters were drawn. Eron also arrived on Ylesia to do some trading. By luck he ended up in the same bar and overheard the scuffle. Five men backed up the drunk and Kara lept into action. First she safely deposited Tristan somewhere safe, then struck a Rodian, rupturing one of his eyes. Lashing out with her sword, she stabbed one of the men in the belly and finished off the Rodian by lobbing off his head. Eron choose that moment to step up with blaster drawn and suggest the remaining thugs stand down and leave. They took the suggestion.

Eron, Kara, and Tristan then sat down for a chat. Eron offered them some work and Kara discovered that he was a Force user, she revealed the same. They then headed to Kara's ship to discuss the mission privately. Upon leaving they were attacked by three thugs. Quickly they took out all three.

They made their way to Kara's ship and talked some more. Eron explained that there was an under-guarded supply convoy heading for Thyferra. He needed some back up to rob it. Kara agreed to go along for the mission. On a roll, Eron asked if Kara might be willing to train him a little in the Force. Kara showed him how to conjure Force shields. Eron also showed his strength in the Force: hiding.

Afterwards Eron suggested they head to the Alderaan Graveyard to pick up the remaining ships they'd need for the job. Eron gave them his comm channel and ship codes then headed for his own ship. Both of them made the jump to Alderaan.