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Ixtren Wallonis arrived in the Dathomir System in his ship, the Death's Head. The Gungan Peace Brigade General Bombosa Binks and his droid bodyguard HK-00 had hijacked Ixtren's ship with the Jedi Knight Magenta Marr on board, as well as Ixtren's trusted tactical officer, Mercedes Harrington.

Unfortunately for Bombosa, Ixtren had a fail safe installed on the bridge of this ship. By electrifying the floor, he was able to regain control of his ship and detain both Bombosa and his droid. A new visitor also arrived at that time, the mysterious Jedi Koth. Ixtren decided to allow the Jedi to stay on his ship.

Then Nara's fleet arrived in the system, changing their course to directly confront Ixtren's lone ex-Peace Brigade ship. She held Ixtren and his crew hostage, forcing him to eliminate the Jedi in the system, in return he would be allowed to join Nara's pirate force and would follow her orders. Ixtren hastily agreed. He was outgunned and had little choice. At that time the two Force users, the Sith Judicar and the Jedi Lu Vang, both arrived in the Death Head's hangar. Magenta went to greet them but all three of them were attacked by the demented Bothan Jedi Koth. Judicar killed Koth and then Ixtren worked a deal with them to make it look like they were dead so they could fool Nara.

Nara fell for the ruse and Judicar, Vang, and Magenta left the system in starfighters while Ixtren prepped his ship for hyperspace. However, Magenta gets Rusty's distress call and returns to save him, then leaves again, this time heading for Coruscant.