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Sarhk Crevas served as Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance during The Five Year War.

History Edit

Born on Rodia to wealthy parents, Sarhk was well educated and a natural selection for Rodian politics. He climbed in power and eventually gained a Senate seat. After many long years in politics, he finally won the office of Chief of State. However his appointment was untimely as the Mandalorians declared war against the GA during his term. Nonetheless, Sarhk embraced the war as opportunity to earn his legacy. He took a personal interest in the military's strategies against the Mandalorians and on more than one occassion gave them direct orders in battle.

The Battle of the Mists would be his downfall, though. It was there that he enthusiastically sought the destruction of the Mandalorian Fleet all of their commanders, including the Mandalore himself. When he took a taskforce in pursuit of the Mandalorian High Command and ordered the attack of the Jedi Temple, his subordinates struck back. Admiral Kas Haan and Queen Mother Sarin Mehn had him arrested before he could commence the attack.

With the war ended, Sarhk was brought up on war crimes and abuse of power. He was tried and sentenced to prison for a 30 year term on Mustafar maximum security penal colony.

Legacy Edit

Sarhk will forever be remembered as the leader of the GA during The Five Year War and the man who almost wiped out the Mandalorians forever. In particular, the Mandalorians view him as the worst butcher in history. However some beings in the galaxy still sympathize with him and feel that executing the Mandalorian High Command and destroying their fleet was the right course.

Personality and Traits Edit

Sarhk was ambitious, smart, and blood thristy. When engaged in battle, he wanted to fight to the death, a quality akin to his species. Many people remarked at how calmly he accepted his sentence when he was found guilty of war crimes after the war. It was a testament to his self-control.

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