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Saber, previously known as the Olari Intelligence Network (OIN), is a vast network of contacts, agents and information that flows to and from the Olari Unification. The network was established during to ensure the preservation and welfare of the Olari Unification.

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Before Danyel Orion Edit

Prior to Danyel Orion's promotion to head of the network, OIN was run by a variety of different Olari with oversight from the Olari Clan Council. During the waning years of the Old Republic, OIN agents fed information to the Jedi Order in order to safeguard them. During the Clone Wars, Olari intelligence agents both provided information on the war as well as fighting in the conflict along side the Republic. When the Republic fell, the network largely faded underground in order to avoid persecution by Emperor Palpatine. The network continued to operate, especially once a supportable resistance appeared. Ariel Erose and Val Kessanajoined the Alliance and helped funnel information that would prove valuable. Around the same time, Danyel Orion, Ariel's half-brother, joined the intelligence network as an agent and quickly proved himself to be adept at the job. A few short years before the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion, Danyel became head of OIN, an event that would have long lasting impacts.

Danyel Orion and Beyond Edit

Danyel Orion's Olari Intelligence Network began a chain of events that would still have reperucssions hundreds of years in the future. Under his leadership, the network expanded and was rechristened "Saber" in honor of the traditional Olari shoto as well as Danyel's dual heritage (Jedi and Olari). Saber continued many of the fuctions its predecessor had and added to it, finding more contacts and pouring more information into the galaxy in the hopes of stopping the Yuuzhan Vong and any later threats. Even after the Yuuzhan Vong War, Orion's impact was heavily felt as he began pushing the Clan Council for the formation of a "Clan Orion" made up of Saber agents and their spouses. The Clan Council eventually granted their request and Danyel became the "father" or chief of the clan, with Jak Orion being a "godfather" of sorts. The Orion clan continued to be associated with Saber and it held a strong tradition of intelligence service. By the Crescendo era, Saber (with a large portion of the Orion Clan) had essentially become a separate entity from the original twenty clans.

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Behind the Scenes Edit

Saber and Danyel Orion are the creation of Legacy of Dreams Administrators and Darkness Moderators Synlah Falyn and Iron Fist (retired).