Characters Edit

  • Honor Harrington
  • Lexy Cole
  • Ursa Copella
  • Darth Verzul

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The Blue Vein sets down on Lexy's parents' homestead on Tatooine. Lexy, Ursa, and Honor start to settle down but are then attacked by Verzul and five Sith Knights. Lexy informs Verzul that Nava is at a hospital. Ursa and Honor burst into the room and attack Verzul. Lexy begins engaging the other Sith Knights and Honor joins in, leaving Ursa to duel with Verzul. Once the Sith Knights are dealt with, either killed or forced off, Honor and Lexy turn to help Ursa. By now her and Verzul have inflicted wounds on each other, but Verzul is slowly winning, a painful blow struck to Ursa's shoulder. By joining a mind meld, together they were able to chase Verzul off. Lexy then gets Honor's help and they both heal Ursa through the Force. Afterwards they finally find their rest.