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  • Concre Kaiv
  • Verac Res'oth

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Concre, Verac, and Aeacus managed to escape from their close call at the med center on Coruscant. On board Concre's ships, they narrowly evaded their pursuers. Concre headed to Naboo to seek medical help from Queen Taltia.

Five days later, Verac assured the Queen that Naboo would be safe. Aeacus woke up to find he had amnesia. Three weeks later Aeacus dealt with this new circumstance. He now goes by his old name, the one he remembers: Recoj Tiswani. However Concre felt bad about not informing Recoj about having been a Sith. Verac felt this was the best way to neutralize the problem. Concre refused and Verac was forced to act in order to stop him. Recoj felt the disturbance in the Force and found that Concre had been shot.

Events revealed themselves. Verac did not directly attack Concre, but instead allowed an assailant to do it for him. Verac called for help and then pursues the assailant. Recoj's doctor, Elia, took Recoj and tried to get him to escape but it was too late. They ran into the two Jedi who were chasing Aeacus, Rolf Taol and his apprentice, Caden Morro. Rolf pushed Elia to the side and moved in to kill Recoj. Rolf grabbed Recoj with the Force but was shot from behind by Elia with a stun blast. Caden charged after Elia but Recoj grabbed him with the Force and threw him out the window. Verac finally tracked down the assassin and found out it was Tam Vorn, Recoj's son. Rolf had coerced Tam into killing Senator Concre so as to create a distraction. Tam began to tell Verac, and Verac promised to help him, but Tam pushed them out just before the bomb went off. Niki Valde, aka Elia, then dragged Recoj along so they could escape before the Bothans came looking for them. She informed Recoj of her true identity and that she was working for the Bothan SpyNet.