Characters Edit

  • Lexy Cole
  • Logan Cole
  • Ixtren Wallonis
  • Darth Aeacus
  • Ursa Copella
  • Zekk Tyrus
  • Magenta Marr

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Summary Edit

Lexy maintains the hair thin alliance between Sith and Jedi as they journey to Tatooine. Zekk tries to start a fight between Magenta and Ursa which disturbs Ixtren from his nap. When Aeacus wakes up, he sees his new apprentice Logan talking with the Jedi. Assuming his apprentice has already failed, he decides to abandon him and escapes with his clone in a shuttle. However, as the shuttle separates from the ship in realspace, Aeacus notices that Narek Taol is on board.

Upon realizing Aeacus has escaped, the others agree to continue to Tatooine. There they can best decide what course of action to take next.

Continued in Tatooine At Last.