Characters Edit

  • Lester Tourville
  • Pavel Young
  • Vocari Alexander
  • Luthia Kareu
  • Matrim Veritas

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Imperial Fleet Delta holds over Kashyyyk protecting the planet from any further Vong attacks. A Yuuzhan Vong strike force then arrives, 10 cruisers and 1 carrier. Luthias quietly watches the battle without joining in. Tourville and Vocari rapidly respond to the attack and form a strategy. Pavel arrives with his SD and ends up being surrounded by Yuuzhan Vong ships. Amid the Vong fleet, Matrim sits silent and watches. Pavel falls deeper into the trap and is almost destroyed by the Yuuzhan Vong.

In order to save Moff Pavel, Tourville breaks formation allowing the Vong to rush toward Kashyyyk. Pavel manages to drive through for an escape. Vocari's ship, the Steadfast, takes heavy damage and he has to abandon it. Eventually Tourville is able to pound the Vong off with his SSD. Matrim sees Pavel's cold heartedness and decides to attach his vessel to the SD. Luthias goes to help defend the shipyard.

Pavel then gets an emergency transmission from Kuat asking for assistance against a Yuuzhan Vong attack. Pavel decides to launch immediately while Tourville agrees to follow after regrouping his forces. Matrim disengages from Pavel's ship just before the jump.