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Naxus Ordo, Mandalorian







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97 ABY-



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Mandalorian and Dashade Shadowkiller


Beckoning Darkness



History Edit

Born on the quiet little world of Pochi, Naxus lived in a tiny little tight nit community of Dashade. When he was in his mid teens, he managed to save a Mando who was about to be killed in a bar fight. The Mando offered to repay him by training him to be a Mandalorian. Naxus accepted.

He spent five years training with the Mando, then another five as they worked together as a team doing missions of the Mandalore and mercenary jobs on the side. Eventually Naxus was adopted by the Mandalorian and officially became a member of the Ordo Clan.

When the war broke out between the Sith and Jedi, Naxus was given the job of scouting out the Mandalore's potential enemies. For the first time in ten years he went out alone into the galaxy. He worked part time as a bounty hunter in order to finance his recon missions and has been doing so ever since. Though his primary mission is still to spy on all parties of the war effort, Jedi, Sith, Imperials, etc, in an ongoing effort of keeping Mandalore informed.

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Naxus is a bit of a loner, he often operates solo and spends most of his time quietly stalking his targets. He is wary of both Jedi and Sith and tires of the never ending wars they always start. Deep down he longs for peace and an opportunity to settle down and start a family, but for now he makes due. He likes weapons, nature, and sweet tasting food. He dislikes smug Force users, cowards, and Hutts. He is physically strong, he has partial Force immunity, is stealthy, a good tracker, intelligent, and a good marksman. He has very strong morals and adheres to a personal code of honor. This often forces him to help people or intervene in situations which he should otherwise ignore. He fears seeing those around him die, loosing Mandalore to the enemy, failing his Mandalore.

Appearances: Edit

  • Fondor: Imperial Defectors
  • Nar Shaddaa: A Sith's Bounty: Hunting Down Defectors
  • Nar Shaddaa: Bothan Bank Heist: Are You In?
  • Duro: One, Two, Three...Dead Jedi Before Me
  • Bothawui: Bothan Bank Heist: Go Time
  • Muunilinst: Bothan Bank Heist: Making the Payoff
  • Morishm: Defiance Issue 2: Rebels Rising-Episode IV
  • Dathomir: Lighting the Way: Two Missions

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