Klau Li'klen
GA Chief of State







Date of Birth/Death:

227 ABY - 347 ABY



Hair Color:

Gray, beige, and black striped

Eye Color:



GA Chief of State



Klau Li'klen was elected Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance right before the Bothan Uprising. He went on to serve a double term and retired to his estate on Caamas. Later he returned to office during the Syndicate War.

History Edit

Born on Caamas, Klau was fortunate to witness the resurgence of his once doomed planet. Long after the atrocities committed by the Empire, Caamas was now a populace planet and a beacon of prosperity for the galaxy. Klau became a mayor for one of Caamas' cities, then later a governor. In 268 ABY he earned the senate seat for his planet and represented the Caamasi in the GA. By 275 ABY there was major support for his running for the Chief of State. Klau won the election but his victory was quickly tainted. Just months after taking office, claims were brought against him that he was responsible for the death of Jedi Grand Master Cellian Rovei. Klau denied the claims but he was dismissed from office. Undeterred, Klau contacted his friends in the Jedi Order and the Jedi were able to clear his name. They found out that Black Sun was behind the mess and had falsified the evidence.

Shortly afterwards, Black Sun took the Bothan fleet and tried to attack Kuat. However Draer Hu'tiya managed to save the day and the disaster was averted. Klau was reinstated as Chief of State and peace was restored. He was re-elected for a second term before returning back to the senate. Eventually he retired from politics and returned to his estated on Caamas.

Many years later another crisis occurred that became known as the Syndicate War. Klau came out of retirement to once again lead the galaxy during a troubled time. When the war was over, he went back into retirement.

Legacy Edit

Klau's service as Chief of State was met with both praise and criticism. His staunch opposition to capital punishment and rampant pacifism was looked down on by many, while others rallied to him as a role model.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Klau was a firm believer in nonviolence. He was ardent pacifist and an opponent to capital punishment.

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