Kas Haan
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GA Chief of State



Kas Haan is the current GA Chief of State in the Crescendo Era. During The Five Year War he served as admiral to the 5th Fleet.

History Edit

Kas Haan served as Admiral of the GA 5th Fleet during The Five Year War with the Mandalorians. His outstanding strategies in the battlefield made him a well loved and respected military commander. It was his innovative strategy to trap the Mandalorians in the Tranistory Mists that ended the bloody war. He devised false intelligence to trick the Mandalorians into attacking Hapes. Then he used the Hapan Fleet and the GA 5th Fleet to pinned the Mandalorians in the Mists, thus forcing their surrender. However, his failure to obey Chief of State Sarik Crevas' order to wipe out the Mandalorians regardless of surrender, led to his dismissal and replacement, Admiral Fenir Klasun. Yet with the help of Queen Mother Sarin Mehn, Haan was able to avert a devastating disaster as Crevas was about to attack the Jedi Temple in retaliation for their harboring the Mandalorian High Command. Crevas was arrested and replaced by Haan.

Legacy Edit

Kas Haan's brillaint strategy led to the end of The Five Year war and his excellent leadership helped him in securing office as GA Chief of State. He would be fated with protecting the GA during the Crescendo Era.

Personality and Traits Edit

Kas Haan is skilled military strategist and commander. His excellent leaderships skills, coupled with his sincere compassion for sentient life, has made him an excellent Chief of State.

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