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4,000 BBY-


Over 4,000 years

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Hunter-Killer Assassin Droid


Approaching Darkness, Crescendo

Creator/Owner: Skuldren

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History Edit

HK-00 was created during the Old Sith Wars as the prototype for Systech Corporation's HK-series assassin droids (which was partnered and later acquired by Czerka). Little is known of his early history, however at some point he must have encountered HK-47 since both droids commonly refer to organic beings as 'meatbags.' It is even possible that HK-00 met Revan.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, HK-00 was given to Bombosa Binks as a reward for his service to the Peace Brigade. At the time HK-00 was working for a member of the Brigade as a private assassin. His bodygurad contract to Bombosa became one of personal devotion after the Gungan saved his life. HK was impressed with the Gungan's destructive personality and the two were inseparable. Throughout the war they served side by side.

HK-00 as an astromech.

When Bombosa died, HK-00 carried on. Once again he returned to freelance work as an assassin. At some point he was captured by an organic being and was later saved by shopkeeper who ran a droid repair service. The shopkeeper managed to salvage HK-00's processor and memory banks and placed them in an astromech shell. When reactivated, HK was horrified to see what he'd become and out of reflex killed the poor shopkeeper. Later, after coming to grips and actually learning to enjoy his new form, HK lamented the demise of his second maker. He learned to use his astromech appearance to decieve his victims like never before and once again became one of the best assassins in the galaxy. Eventually he came into the ownership of Ixtren the Sanguine, the Mandalore in 600 ABY.

Ixtren the Sanguine

Legacy Edit

HK-00 is most likely the only remaining survivor of the old HK-series assassin droids. He is also perhaps the longest active droid assassin in the galaxy.

Personality and Traits Edit

HK-00 likes violence and especially the termination of organic beings. From time to time he pledges his service to an organic being whom he deems worthy, referring to them as his master. Over his many years of existence he has learned to be proficient with all forms and types of weapons.

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Behind the Scenes Edit

HK-00 is based off of HK-47.