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Concre traveled to Kuat in order to recruit Senators to his cause. Aeacus headed to Kuat with Logan in order to meet with Dovar and get his kid back. Serq arrived at Kuat with his Vong cruiser and two Peace Brigade vessels under Bombosa's command. They commenced their raid of the Kuat shipyards. Magenta was still a prisoner on board Serq's ship. Elsewhere Judicar arrived at Kuat to refuel. Back at the meeting, Narek approached Aeacus and revealed that he has his son and needs Aeacus' help to find Magenta.

Ixtren arrived at Kuat with his three ships and joined the fray. They attacked Serq's ship and forced him to expedite his withdrawal. Bombosa stayed behind with his two cruisers. And before Serq's departure, Magenta was transferred to Bombosa's ship. Senators Kelkko and Altissimo arrived to watch the battle from afar. On Kuat, Narek and Aeacus dueled. Prime Assassin stalked Dovar with the intent to kill. Narek cut off Aeacus' right leg. Then Narek stabed Aeacus in the chest and killed him. After seeing his master's death, Logan decided that finding Tam should be his new mission. He threatened Narek to hand over the boy.

Elsewhere the Prime Assassin revealed her true identity to Dovar. She was Bera Dukill. Bera then shot Dovar in the kneecap. The Peace Brigade Fleet arrived at Kuat and the Peace Brigade began its assault on the shipyards. Kenma and the New Republic task force arrived shortly after, followed by Kyp's Dozen. Pavel Young, and a small portion of the Imperial Delta Fleet, arrived too. Together, they all attacked the Peace Brigade Fleet. When Tourville arrived with the rest of the Imperial fleet, the Peace Brigade was rapidly destroyed.

Bombosa managed to flee his ship with HK-00 and Mangeta in tow. They infiltrated Ixtren's ship and took them hostage, forcing them to jump to Dathomir. The Imperial Fleet wraped things up and headed to Bastion to report to the Remnant. Azel contacted the remaining two ships of Ixtren's fleet, and had them run escort for her and Altissimo as they returned to Coruscant. Judicar came close to finding Magenta, but ended up on a wild goose chase following Serq to Onderon.