Characters Edit

  • Vendu Shaa
  • Raylian Nord

Location Edit

Corporate Sector Authority

Summary Edit

Vendu arrived in the CSA near Ammuud. He landed on the planet looking for a Sullustan named Brun. Meanwhile Raylian performed his job as a bouncer, tossing out a Rodian. Vendu entered the bar. Raylian approached Vendu, feeling his connection to the Force, but trouble was averted and the two sat down for drinks. Vendu asked Raylian about Brun. Raylian said he knew a guy who had mentioned Brun, so they planned on meeting with this man, Wrex Kel.

However, Raylian didn't pan out and Vendu was forced to find leads elsewhere. At another bar he was ambushed and stunned by some thugs. He awoke later in a room with a ysalamiri and his captor. His captor offered some deals, but Vendu was unconvinced.