Characters Edit

  • Narek Taol
  • Enak Nyrra
  • Magenta Marr
  • Zekk Tyrus
  • Vasli Orzo
  • Luke Skywalker

Location Edit

Jedi Academy on Yavin IV

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Narek Taol presented a speech to his fellow Jedi on Yavin 4, urging them to see that the Yuuzhan Vong must be destroyed - and that the Jedi had to make a proactive move. One of his main opponents was Enak Nyrra, an old Jedi Master who had fought in the Galactic Civil War. After arguing about what should be done, Enak offered a proposition to lead a mission observing the enemy. Narek agreed to go, but not for the same reason Enak wanted to. After all was said and done, eleven Jedi Knights were set to go on the mission; Narek Taol, Magenta Marr, Kyle Katarn, Enak Nyrra, Kyp Durron, Octa Ramis, Tenel Ka, Zekk, Raynar Thul, Vasli Orzo and Anakin Solo. Shortly before they left, Enak Nyrra said that he and Luke Skywalker had decided to scrap the mission, although it was just a lie so that he, Kyle Katarn and Kyp Durron could go on their own mission. The students who had originally supported the mission were infuriated, so Narek went to Luke Skywalker to ask him about the mission. Confused, Luke told him that he had never put the mission on hold, so he decided to send Narek and Magenta to Bilbringi to aid in the war effort there.

Behind the Scenes Edit

This was the first ever thread created on any of the Darkness sites.

This was the first ever appearance of Magenta Marr, Vasli Orzo, Zekk Tyrus, Enak Nyrra, and Narek Taol in an Approaching Darkness thread.

Luke Skywalker makes his first appearance as a NPC character.

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