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  • Jorath Oldin

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Jorath traveled to Felucia to kill the first Sith on his list. On the planet he was attacked by an acklay. Then he was attacked by Felucians. Jorath fought off the Felucians and killed the acklay. He then interrogated one of the Felucians. The Felucian revealed they were trained by a Felucian shaman who was taught the way of the dark side from a being with horns, possibly a female. Jorath went off in search and found a chieftain.The Chieftain attacks Jorath, but he finally defeats it in combat and finds out that the Sith Lord is named Gokkuul. Afterwards, Jorath is surrounded by hundreds of Felucian Warriors. They surrender to Jorath, including the Chieftain as they want him to kill Gokkuul and save the planet from darkness that is corrupting other Warriors. The Felucians, with Jorath go to the village where the Chieftain explains that their race used to be peaceful until Shaak Ti arrived on the planet with Maris Brood. As Maris secretly trained Gokkuul, a Felucian Shaman that was a little more strong in the Force than the others. Jorath agrees to go find Gokuul with two of the village's most Elite Warriors. Once they arrive, Gokkuul tells Jorath that he has found peace as "corrupting" the warriors has ended the fighting on the planet, not just between the Felucians, but between the beasts on the world. Jorath refuses to accept that a Sith can bring peace and attempts to attack him, but the two warriors that were on Jorath's side, betray him and join Gokkuul. Jorath takes out all warriors and fights Gokkuul. Gokkuul uses his skullblade but Jorath defeats Gokkuul, and Gokkuul begs not to die, because if he does, his work will be for nothing. So Jorath Severs the Force from him and says that if he REALLY wants to save the planet, he'll do it without the Dark Sid