Characters Edit

  • Darth Verzul
  • Vasli
  • The Watcher
  • Magenta Marr
  • Darth Judicar
  • Narek Taol
  • Lexy Cole
  • Logan Cole
  • Verac Res'oth
  • Jula Fhen
  • Bera Dukiil
  • Tenel Ka
  • Honor Harrington
  • Zekk Tyrus
  • Mercedes Harrington
  • Ursa Copella



Summary Edit

Nava duels Verzul. The Sith using Sith lightning and nearly kills Nava, but Nava surprised the Sith and shoots him dead. Narek meets with Commodore Brank in his command bunker. The Yuuzhan Vong begin bombarding Kashyyyk. Verac engages a coral skipper from the ground in order to protect civilians and dies in the encounter. The Watcher agrees to help Nava and the others fight the Vong. Judicar convinces Magenta to come with him and rescue Aeacus on the Vong worldship. Narek leaves shortly afterward in an X-wing in order to join the battle.

Trisquad squadron arrives and assists with fending off a Vong attack against the Republic Command Bunker by battling them on the ground. Mercedes arrives with her Peace Brigade force and strafes the ground with her A-wing. Then Logan attacks Zekk, killing him in a lightsaber duel. Honor takes to the air to deal with the A-wing. Ursa finishes of the A-wing with a blast of Force Lightning. As Mercedes crawled out of her wrecked A-wing, she was forced to battle her brother, completely unaware of his identity. Honor realizes it a moment too late and knocks her out with a heavy blow. Lexy heals Honor's injured sister, then they take off.

Continued in Stars of Hell.