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  • Darth Aeacus
  • Verac Res'oth

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Aeacus awoke in a med center on Coruscant. Taking a moment to reflect, he realized he would never be a true Sith Lord. His emotion held too much sway over him. Then Verac approached him. Verac warned Aeacus that he must escape quickly, the Jedi were on their way to kill him. Verac briefly played back the events that passed from the moment of his faked death on Kashyyyk and his protecting Senator Concre on Kuat. They made their way to the hangar but were cut off by the Jedi. Unable to stop the fight, Verac and Aeacus dueled with the two Jedi. To Aeacus' surprise, the young Jedi choke slammed him into the ship and knocked him out.