Borga Besadii Diori
Leader of the Besadii clan







Date of Birth/Death:

532 BBY - 174 ABY



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Leader of the Hutt Clans



Borga Besadii Diori rose to the command of the Besadii clan and expanded its power above all others. Nearly a quarter of the Galaxy's illegal business fell under Besadii control. However her reign of power came to an end at the point of a lightsaber.

History Edit

Borga was born in the Old Republic to the Besadii clan on Sleheyron. For hundreds of years she slowly developed a criminal organization that stretched across several key worlds on the Outer Rim, with a small headquarters on Rodia. Many Hutts rose to power before her, gaining command of her clan, but Borga simply bided her time, waiting for her moment. It was during the rule of the One Sith, under Lord Krayt, that Borga finally seized control of the Besadii clan. For the next 50 years she turned it into the most powerful and wealthy kajidic and became the leader of the Hutt Clans.

However in 174 ABY she made the mistake of killing a Jedi. The mother of Class Vein had been sent by the Jedi Order to investigate the Nar Shaddaa Assassin's guild. While there, she found various connections that led back to Borga the Hutt. Not wanting to lose the Assassin's Guild to some pesky breaches in Galactic law, Borga acted swiftly and personally killed the Jedi. What she did not know was that the death of Class Vein's mother would bring about her own death. When Class Vein learned the truth, he killed Borga with his lightsaber, chopping her to pieces and feeding the chunks to her pet nexu.

Legacy Edit

Borga's death instigated the Hutt War and in turn brought about the eventual downfall of the Besadii clan and their power.

Personality and Traits Edit

Borga preferred being a female and preferred having all male guards and lieutenants. However she did not have the peculiar lust for humans that was shared by some Hutts such as Queen Jool. Borga craved both personal power and precious gems. She often wore very elaborate jewelry. She also kept a pet Nexu who she fed her enemies to. At times she could be vindictive, and at other times polite and cunning. In the end, her vindictive nature got the best of her.

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Behind the Scenes Edit

Borga is based off of Queen Jool to an extent.