Characters Edit

  • Jorath Oldin
  • Synn Ellison

Location Edit

Rhen Var

Summary Edit

Jorath and eleven other Jedi Knights went to Rhen Var to search for the Yuuzhan Vong and secure the hidden temple. However, Jorath went to Rhen Var on his own personal mission: to find the tomb of Ulic Qel-Droma. In his search he reflected on his training under Master Streen, and the warnings of Tione Solustar that he should not let his quest to hunt down the Sith to become an obsession.

He found Ulic's tomb amid a swarm of dark side energy but it was sealed. He waited and three Sith arrived. Speaking the tongue of the ancient Sith, they opened the tomb. Jorath jumped in before it closed. Inside there was a coffin, a Jedi holocron, and a Sith holocron. Two of the Sith, Felucians, attacked him and Jorath killed them in self-defense. The third Sith, a Twi'lek, dueled Jorath. Jorath defeated him and choped off one of his lekku. The Twi'lek identified himself as 'The Prophet.' He activated the holocrons. One was Nomi Sunrider, the other, Exar Kun. The three of them instructed Jorath on what he was to do. They wanted him to hunt down a group of Sith.

'The One who was corrupted once, but has found peace.'
'The One who was corrupted, but has found nothing.'
'The One who haunted you for years.'
'The One who scares you the most.'
'The One who taught others his mistakes.'
'The One you never expected.'
'The One who rise the future.'

Finally Ulic's spirit appeared and gave Jorath his final warning. Then Jorath exited the tomb, leaving the Sith to die. Jedi Synn Ellison found Jorath blacked out in front of the tomb. Along with several other Jedi, they returned Jorath to the medical facility at the temple. In his sleep, Master Qui-Gon Jinn spoke to Jorath. Jinn reminded him of the two Sith Lords Jorath killed before: Darth Reaper and Scythe. What Jorath didn't know was that they had followers who were still alive. Those are the dark siders he must destroy. But then, just before the dream faded, Qui-Gon revealed he was someone else.

Meanwhile a transport arrived with a Force trained being on board. When the ship landed, Synn realized it was only a fighter. A woman named Juno Haze walked out of it. She started blabbering incoherently and struck at Synn. They fought. During the fight, Synn could feel his master, Jorath, influencing his actions. Juno finally launched Force Lightning at him and he redirected it at her and she died.
Jorath woke from his sleep and was disturbed by the Sith and the prophecy. He decided to send Synn to Rodia to help against the Vong. Before leaving he told Master Kasari everything that had happened and that he was heading to Felucia to find the first of the Sith.