Approaching Darkness was created on September 2nd, 2007 by Administrators MizzeeOH and Zinnos. The success of this site led to the development of the Legacy: Aftermath and Crescendo Star Wars-based RPGs .

Approaching Darkness is no longer an active sight but will be open for viewing once updates are completed.


Originally set during the Yuuzhan Vong War, Approaching Darkness is currently place one year after the war. The galaxy, in the midst of reconstruction, is replete with factions attempting to take advantage of the lingering chaos, as well as rogue bands of Yuuzhan Vong who refuse to surrender. Unknown to everyone, more chaos and war looms on the horizon in the not too distant future.


  • Darth Aeacus -- A former Jedi Knight by the name of Recoj Tiswani, Aeacus has since made many enemies throughout his life.
  • Bera Dukiil- A hired assassin.
  • Ixtren Wallonis -- Independent Pirate Lord, ex-Peace Brigader, and New Rebublic crusader.
  • Lord Verzul -- Sith Lord, ex-grand councilman of the Sith Order.
  • Mazul Serq -- Former Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Commander, now a cantina bouncer on Bespin.
  • Nava -- Force ghost
  • Bombosa Binks -- Deceased.
  • Pavel Young -- Imperial Moff and Naval Commander, Young fought in the Yuuzhan Vong war alongside Captain Walker in daring missions against the enemy.
  • Azel Kelkko -- New Republic Senator for Anzat.
  • Randler Hogue -- Imperial Warlord.
  • Jorath Oldin -- Jedi Master
  • Ariel Kessana -- Jedi master
  • Val Kessana -- Olari warrior affiliated with the Jedi Order
  • Danyel Orion -- Head of Saber, the Olari intelligence network, Ariel Kessana's brother and Val Kessana's oldest friend.
  • Cryslah Orion -- Danyel Orion's daughter. Force adept.
  • Jase Bultar -- Jedi knight and former apprentice of Ariel Kessana. He is the husband of Cryslah Orion

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