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  • Zekk Tyrus
  • Jendo Cri
  • Lexy Cole

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Lexy and Zekk awake to find themselves aboard Master Jenik's ship, Zekk's master. Jendo explains the creation of the Cryth Order. He tells Zekk about how he and Zekk's parents formed the order, borrowing the good from both the Sith and Jedi Orders. He told him how his parents had died before their creation was complete, and how he faked his own death so he could complete their legacy. He then asked Zekk and Lexy to join him and help finish the dream.

Lexy and Zekk speak with Jendo and inform him that their decision will have to wait till after Kashyyyk. They want to go their first to help their Jedi. Jendo agrees and offers them the support of his Cryth soldiers.

Leads to Twenty Five Sith and a Prisoner.